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Episode 1: O Canada!

2008, 18 min, DV

Best Episodic Work in conjunction with SF Camerawork exhibition,There is Always a Machine Between Us

In the premiere episode of "Falling In Love...", Chris and Greg tackle the issues of open relationships, Canadianism, and lactose intolerance.


K’vetsh Queer Open Mic, March 2008 - San Francisco, CA

MIX LA Summer Picnic, August 2008 - Los Angeles, CA

Frameline 33, June 2009 - San Francisco, CA

Queer City Cinema, June 2010 - Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Rhino In The Room, September 2010 - Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

Tate Modern, February 2012 - London, UK

Fringe! Gay Film Fest, April 2012 -London, UK

Cine-East Film Festival, July 2012 - London, UK

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